Multi-disciplinary conceptualist and composer from Teheran, Iran. I began my studies early on in Visual Arts, Photography, Western Classical, and Traditional Regional Music.  Briefly, for about a year, studied Industrial Design at the Tehran’s Central University of Art, and keep contributing as a photographer, taking pictures for the local paper in Tehran, writing music for a small theater production, and wrote poetry. After a year, moved to United States and began the new chapter of my artistic career.

At first, I studied Jazz Piano at the University of Kentucky for few years, then switched major to Art Studio, with emphasis in Drawing and Painting. However, the attraction to audible harmony and rhythm pulled me back to music school. So I continued my studies in both fields. Meanwhile, I began collaborating with many of local performing groups and artists in Lexington Kentucky.

One of the performing groups that I was at the time heavily involved with, engaged me to do much research on middle eastern music; much more in depth than I ever anticipated. Learning music in academic way, made it much easier to get where I was headed. Learning the language and the culture of the tones of middle eastern music, and the tribal tradition, from ground up, from all the resources that was available to me at the time, had opened my eyes in many ways about the world, primitively,  and deeply in a musical way.  I started teaching what I had learned back to my students who were interested in learning how to play and understand middle eastern music.

Within the past few years, I have been looking at music in a slightly different way. Should I call it non-musical! This new wave come up over many sessions of research with a dear friend David Farris, as we were chiseling away what’s known today as ITALIAN BEACHES.  I want to say that the existence of this band is purely depending on all of so called “Frequency Studies” we have been doing.

I started working as an stage hand, and became a member of I.A.T.S.E Union, and been working with many touring musical acts, broadway shows. As the result of learning the skills, I took over a venue in Paris Kentucky, as a creative director and began booking, and designing shows(sound/light/props/etc.) from ground up.

It’s been a while that I have been interested in film/video making. It seems to be one of the best medium which translate most powerfully and is so responsive to my artistic direction, not to forget how accessible it is to my audience. That being said, I am still involved and active in other disciplines, and progressing little by little. Today, I try to find a right combination of all these tools to illustrate, create, and sustain as an artist. I will always relay on all of my tools, and try to keep them in shape.

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